[LAD] [Jack-Devel] jack2's dbus name

Nedko Arnaudov nedko at arnaudov.name
Fri Jun 19 19:08:08 UTC 2009

Lennart Poettering <mzynq at 0pointer.de> writes:

> On Thu, 18.06.09 16:09, torbenh at gmx.de (torbenh at gmx.de) wrote:
>> > I think org.jackaudio.service should be fine. I don't think this
>> > automatic logic needs to work on non-D-Bus jack builds. As I see it
>> > you don't need to make any changes on jack for this to work. All I
>> > need is the guarantee that by the time the service name is registered
>> > on the bus jack is fully accessible. Otherwise we had a race here: if
>> > PA looks for the org.jackaudio.service name to appear on the bus and
>> > then imemdiately connects to it while jack isn't fully accessible yet
>> > PA would fail.
>> the existence of org.jackaudio.service object does not guarantee,
>> that jackd is connectable.
> I'd consider that brokeness in Jack then. Taking the name on the bus
> sould be the last step during initialization. Otherwise you'll always
> be in racy situations where clients try to talk to JACK while JACK is
> only half-way initialized.

I'd like to clarify something,

org.jackaudio.service exposes the controller object. It is not the server,
it is the controller, a peristent endpoint that can be used to start and
stop the server on user request. jack clients are usually not supposed
to check whether jack server is started. It will be either autostarted
or libjack "initialization" will fail if autostart is disabled and jack
server is stopped.

The dbus object name that is used for cooperation with PA is different

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