[LAD] Tux Paint for music?

David Olofson david at olofson.net
Wed May 6 14:47:15 UTC 2009

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My son is playing around with my little SDL based drum machine, DT-42 
again. He seems to be having fun, but I suppose he'd be better off 
with something more straight-forward (DT-42 is more like a MOD 
tracker than a conventional drum machine), and something with more 
obvious ways of creating melodies... At least, that's what I'd 
like! :-D

This brings up some thoughts I've been having for years now: A really 
simple, yet somewhat useful and educational music toy. An integrated 
synth/sampler/sequencer, possibly with audio recording facilities 
down the road... Sort of like a tracker (Amiga MOD style), but with a 
more visual GUI. Probably some sort of piano roll. A bunch of nice 
sounds (I'm thinking IFFT synthesis) with some pre-wired intuitive 
timre controls. Maybe a library of drum patterns... Preferably SDL 
based and portable to all sorts of computers and devices.

In short: Tux Paint for music! :-)

Is there something like this already out there?

Any interest in this sort of stuff?


I'll probably use EEL for all high level code, over a C engine. EEL is 
probably not the most sensible choice for a Free/Open Source project, 
but I'm using EEL for various stuff myself (mostly work related), and 
it could use some more pilot projects to guide future development.

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