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Nedko Arnaudov nedko at arnaudov.name
Mon May 18 09:51:36 UTC 2009

alex stone <compose59 at gmail.com> writes:

> So again, i'll ask the question.
> Will we continue to have a Jack version minus the dbus infrastructure,
> once jack2 is released?
> Or are we destined to be dragged into a "compulsory" hybrid?
> I share Fon's concerns, and still don't understand why the dbus/pulse
> momentum is taking precedence over what has been up to now, a great
> audio solution for any user who wants to write and create music.
> I'm not a coder, but i'll ask the jack team, who i have a lot of
> respect for, to take a step back and have another look at the bigger
> picture again. Dbus may be a way into a partnership with Pulse, but
> that implies a degree of compulsory requirement for the user.
> And i don't think answering with "So don't use it" is an answer if
> there's a question over the persistence of Dbus and Pulse overriding
> the users intent.
> Fon's description of "Big Brother" seems more applicable, and less
> humorous, the more one thinks about this.
> Alex.
> p.s. I'm practical about software, so the Dbus "mantra" means nothing to me.

There are three packaging scenarios described in


This document is created packagers can choose how to package jack. The
mixed setup is can easily lead to user frustration and this is
explained. I personally use the mixed setup but i know how the whole
mixed system behaves and I need to start jackd occasionally. I wouldn't
recommend packaging mixed setup. In ubuntu packages I've created
jackdbus is separate package. jackd is separate package too. They both
implement jack server virtual package. Packagers must choose between
classic jackd or dbus-only scenarios unless they want to cause pain to
their users.

Some more things I've implemented in the ubuntu packaging...
Only dbus control apps depend on jackdbus package. qjackctl depends on
jackd package. So if you install qjackctl but dont want (or dont know
about) jackdbus you get no dbus. If you install lpatchage or laditools
you get dbus setup. Users don't care about jackd vs jackdbus. They care
about the frontends. If they are used to qjackctl+jackd they will use
that and will get no "dbus ate my babies" feeling. If they like ladi
control apps, they will not use jackd.

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