[LAD] [Jack-Devel] more jack/qjackctl madness : some comments

Fons Adriaensen fons at kokkinizita.net
Mon May 18 15:32:19 UTC 2009

On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 06:08:33PM +0300, Nedko Arnaudov wrote:

> You have installed jack package that does not work well with
> qjackctl (dbus enabled one). Your application autostarted jack server
> through dbus.

It did not. No jack app here uses dbus.

> jackdrc style commandline options for jackd are for jackd. They are not
> used for jackdbus. They cant be used for jackdbus. Because of the object
> activation works in all distributed object systems I know. This includes
> DCOM and D-Bus.

What nonsense it this ? Everybody here tells me that 
the dbus support is build on top of the existing C
API and nothing else, that it just a communication
layer allowing you to access the C API.  Hence jackd
is the same with dbus or without. Or isn't this true,
and is the dbus support much more invasive than some
people want to admit ?

The client that autostarted a jackd did not use dbus.
When I later started qjackctl it did not use dbus.

Yet the 'jackdbus auto' daemon (which nobody needed
since all apps use the C API, but started anyway)
interferes with clients not using dbus at all.

Are you trying to say that on a jack+dbus system
*all* jack apps have to be dbus-aware (or fail) ?

> So you complain about qjackctl missing support for jackdbus? Having that
> will be nice :)

Is that supposed to be funny ? 

Final remark: the dbus advocates here are seriously
contradicting themselves.
1. Dbus is just a communication layer.
2. Dbus adds functionality that can't be
   provided via the normal interfaces.

Both can't be true at the same time.



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