[LAD] [Jack-Devel] more jack/qjackctl madness : some comments

Nedko Arnaudov nedko at arnaudov.name
Mon May 18 16:22:20 UTC 2009

Paul Davis <paul at linuxaudiosystems.com> writes:

> On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 11:57 AM, Rui Nuno Capela <rncbc at rncbc.org> wrote:
>> from where i stand, qjackctl does not need jackdbus support whatsoever.
>> it's kind of the other way around, if i may say. and the way around is not
>> about qjackctl per se, but to plain old good command-line jackd.
> i'd like to clarify (again) based on ongoing conversations in #jack.
> the issue that qjackctl could consider is not jackdbus, or dbus in
> general. its the JACK control API that was discussed at LAC 2008.
> right now, qjackctl simply claims to know how to start the JACK
> server, offers a dialog to let the user pick settings, and then
> constructs a set of command line arguments for jackd.
> this will continue to work forever, but it is less flexible than we
> would like (consider what happens every time JACK gets a new option
> added (or taken away). the control API allows a control application to
> query the jack server (actually, its really querying the library that
> contains the implementation of the jack server that the control app is
> linked with), and discover what the available parameters are etc. etc.
> the dbus stuff is really mostly orthogonal to this (i stress the
> "mostly")  - its just another example of a control app/system. there's
> no reason why qjackctl would or should want to interact with it.
> however, the one area where these things overlap is "auto-start". this
> is because what it means to "auto-start" a JACK server differs in the
> following two scenarios:
>     * vanilla JACK install - there is no "jack control" system in
> place or in use
>     * with jackdbus - there is a daemon in place listening for
> requests to start/stop/reconfigure the server
> in the first scenario, the ~/.jackdrc file (if it exists) takes care
> of auto-start. but if jackdbus is in use, then auto-start means
> something really quite different.
> we are are discussing ways to reconcile these differences on IRC.
> for those who don't understand why the second scenario is worth
> considering, i would point to the questions that (relatively)
> frequently come from users about changing a running JACK system to use
> another h/w interface, or to start/stop JACK temporarily for some
> reason. there is one school of opinion that would say that "stop jackd
> and restart it with the correct parameters" is the correct approach to
> this question. i think that at LAC2008 it was felt that we could do
> better.

I confirm this it true (except about LAC2008 because i was not there and
i dont know). And i want to add that qjackctl can be made more flexible
if it can detect jackdbus.

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