[LAD] [Jack-Devel] more jack/qjackctl madness : some comments

Stéphane Letz letz at grame.fr
Tue May 19 09:34:56 UTC 2009

Le 19 mai 09 à 11:29, Sampo Savolainen a écrit :

> Quoting "Fons Adriaensen" <fons at kokkinizita.net>:
>> I would have no objection if you added e.g.
>>   jack_client_open_via_dbus()
> How is the application supposed to know whether the user wants to use
> dbus or not?
>> leaving the original call as it is.
> I agree with Stephanes' 5):
> An implementation where dbus and "classic" coexist in a single build
> is the only way to go. The user environment would somehow tell jack
> whether the user wants to use dbus or not. (In fact, I'd argue this
> path should've been chosen from the start.)
> Say for example "the file ~/.jack-classic exists" or "environment
> variable JACK_COMMUNICATION=DBUS". Or a system wide configuration:
> "/etc/jackd/configuration says OSC is enabled".
> I agree with Nedko that this is not a change in the API. This is a
> change in the implementation of the API. There's a huge difference as
> we all know. We would run into all kinds of trouble if we would make
> client software responsible for choosing the server communication
> model. Hence the implementation was changed, not the API...
> Is there anything really difficult here? Just make everyone live
> happily together.

First we have to get a consensus on this "runtime choice of auto-start  
strategy", then we'll have to find the best way to implement it.


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