[LAD] A picture...of the global mess

Stéphane Letz letz at grame.fr
Tue May 19 14:23:30 UTC 2009

He all,

A picture to try  summary what I understand about we would like :

- a new shared library called "libjackontrol.so" : is does implement  
the so called control API and a IPC mechanism to use it.

-  "jackcontrol" is an *always" running deamon that defined an entry  
IPC point.  jackcontrol get requests from control applications.  
"jackcontrol" can start a seprated server called "jackserver (using a  
fork+exec) way. "jackcontrol" is a *unique* place where setting are  

- "jackd" is a recoded  control application that parse it's command  
line, and use the control IPC to speak to "jackcontrol" (then just  
quits). jackcontrol then start the "jackserver" whith the appropriate  

- "jackddbus" is a D-Bus aware control application; It receive DBus  
requests and translate them to control IPC to speak to "jackcontrol".  
jackcontrol then start the "jackserver" whith the appropriate paramaters

- "libjack.so" speaks also to "jackcontrol" using the control IPC: an  
client that auto-start actually use this mecanism

Does it helps?


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