[LAD] my take on the jack/dbus issue

Aaron Johnson aaron at akjmusic.com
Wed May 20 01:22:09 UTC 2009

Hi all,

Where I'm coming from--I use Arch Linux, so I'm a big believer in simplicity
and modularity.

And CHOICE. Enforcing a Dbus dependency into an architecture that already
just works fine is, I dunno, procrustean "must have Dbus" insanity.

So, I agree with Fons that something like Dbus seemingly take over the whole
infrastructure of my Linux system, including a key audio component like
jack, is a bad idea. I also agree that this Dbus stuff seems to be creeping
in as a dependency into more and more software causing all sorts of
instability and havoc with whatever it touches.

I can also say from 12 years of using Linux, I've never had so many error
messages or instability from any other piece of my system than from
Dbus-related processes. One of the reasons I now avoid the major Desktop
environments as much as I can, and use fluxbox, is the feeling that they are
getting too big and unstable and not 'system critical performance' enough,
and I think a lot of that has to do with this incredible 'dependency creep'.
So, really, from my point of view, not only should Dbus NOT have anything to
do with jack, it should be taken out into the backyard and shot so we can
all sleep at night....

This reminds me of Debian/Ubuntu trying to determine what Linux is. For
instance, instead of adhering to vanilla practices, Debian and Ubuntu folks
change file system hierarchy standards, and no wonder things break so often
on those distros. I remember using both and feeling "wow this is great, lots
of packages" but also..."damn, this is the 3rd reboot today--Dbus error"

I'm sure I've offended someone in the Dbus-loving community. I'm sorry. You
ideally should be willing to listen to reports from the field...



Aaron Krister Johnson
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