[LAD] Keeping "guardians" and "rebels" on the same boat

Stéphane Letz letz at grame.fr
Mon May 25 16:41:37 UTC 2009

> Not that much related, but as I'm reading this comes to my mind:
> For this app you need jackOSC, for that app you need jackDBUS, for the
> other app you need jack* ....
> I hope these control-applications will be compatible with each other  
> and
> don't interfere.
> Christian

The proposed scheme does not go (yet) into details of what happens if  
different control applications are used at the same time. We may  
choose to have a unique one running at a time, or allows several to  
access/control the server at the same (in this case we would have to  
deal with state notifications issues and so on...). One related  
question is the "multi-config" shared state. If we consider the "multi- 
config" shared state to be part of JACK, then this state would stay  
"coherent" between invocations of successives (possibly different)  
control applications (jackDBUS, jackOSC). If we don't choose this  
option, then each control application would probably handle "it's view  
of multi-config management". (note this is currently the case with  

I think we should go step by step, first try to explain and agree on a  
general scheme, then precise some missing details.


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