[LAD] FST and JUCE-based plugins

torbenh at gmx.de torbenh at gmx.de
Fri May 29 00:52:31 UTC 2009

On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 07:11:55AM -0400, Paul Davis wrote:
> On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 6:20 AM, Julien Pommier <pommier at modartt.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have noticed that all JUCE-based vst plugins do not work in fst (at
> > least their GUI and their internal message passing stuff). The reason
> > is that the JUCE framework is initialising its internal machinery (a
> > MessageManager etc) during the first call to the VST entrypoint, and
> > if the later call to effEditOpen is performed from a different thread,
> > then all sort of terrible things happens, and it ends with a deadlock.
> >
> > There is a discussion in the JUCE forum here:
> > http://www.rawmaterialsoftware.com/juceforum/viewtopic.php?p=21530#21530
> >
> > Please note that I'm not asking for a fix, but I just want to let the
> > FST developers know about this problem !
> Well, we'd like FST to work with as many different plugins as
> possible, so a fix would be nice.
> I think Jules actually is making an unreasonable assumption when he
> mentions that JUCE is expecting the "initialize" and "open" calls to
> come in the same thread. "initialize" is purely about
> loading/initalizing the plugin DSP code - its entirely possible to run
> a VST plugin without ever opening its editor. The "open" is required
> only when the user asks to see the editor. Because of the way win32
> event loops work, the thread that is going to wait for events on this
> window also needs to be the one that creates it. There is no obvious
> reason why this would be the same thread that was used to initialize
> the plugin.
> There are several other thread "wrappers" such as the Waves shell
> which face the same issues as JUCE but work just fine with FST. I'm
> entirely open to a fix in FST if there is one that doesn't look like a
> grotesque hack :)

i think i have fixed it in FST now. however, this will be much harder in
ardour. good luck :S

its pushed to branch main-thread in the fst git.

torben Hohn
http://galan.sourceforge.net -- The graphical Audio language

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