[LAD] Connie, an organ template for JACK

Martin Homuth-Rosemann linuxaudio at cryptomys.de
Sat May 30 14:03:12 UTC 2009

Am Samstag, 30. Mai 2009 schrieb hermann meyer:
> There are some things I dont like,
> 1.) there is a glitch when change the note

That's already on my todo list. It's because I switch the signals on/off 
without any smoothing like in a real instrument RC, parasitics etc. 
I have two solutions to choose from:
1. I'll add some filtering - maybe in the output stage.
2. Delay the switch on/off until zero crossing.

> 2.) there is no handler for all notes off (panic)


> 3.) cpu blow up when hold a key on.

Connie 0.1 is a straight 1:1 translation from schematics found at 
A lot of optimizing still has to be done - you're welcome ;)
That's why I "release early, release often".

> but like I said, not bad.
> regards
>          hermann



Connie 0.2 (good vibrations)
stereo output
vibrato does fm and pan shifting (simplified leslie sim)
Shift key -> panic


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