[LAD] LV2 code examples and documentation [was: Re: State of Plugin API's]

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Mon Nov 2 08:37:15 UTC 2009


I'm just having a quick browse of the http://lv2plug.in site now and 
while at first glance it looks like it has everything in place, after 
looking into the system a little more deeply there is a definite slant 
towards documentation that is more advanced than the average n00b 
developer would be ready to absorb on first attempt.

There are two docs that give plenty of useful info for starters but they 
are assuming a certain level of expertise. Also the doc for "complete 
idiots" comes across as more than a little patronising. I can't tell if 
that was the intention of the writer or not.

I can see a gap for a *very* simple "hello world" document. It will very 
quickly outline the exact steps required to build the most simple plugin 
possible. Maybe if we are lucky our resident writers Dave Phillips or 
Daniel James will have time to edit it for clarity before it is posted.  
I will work on the draft for this using the two pages above as reference.

On the page for loading plugins it should have an accompanying set of 
example code packages for c, c++, objective c++ python, java, c#, vb... 
If anyone would like to submit a code example for one of these languages 
that would be very helpful. Ideally it will be less than 100 lines of 
code and hopefully significantly less. If you choose the right license 
you also get free advertising when people use your code in their own 
projects for the next 50,000 years or so assuming we don't experience a 
nuclear holocaust or other mass extinction event.

These two steps above could easily be completed by the end of the week 
if everyone who has an interest in seeing LV2 gain wider adoption 
pitches in.


Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd

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