[LAD] [Maybe OT] Linux Audio Apps Clasification

Daniel Vidal danielvidalchornet at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 18:22:30 UTC 2009


   I think this post is [OT] but also i think is the apropiate audience...

   I'am now working on making personalized menus for Musix distro. I try to
do this task using the freedesktop rules, using .desktop files and the
"Categories" field. This is a real problem. All audio Apps put "AudioVideo"
tag... and all apps apear together on a single menu option... Mixers merged
with synths... with DAWs... with virtual keyboards... Well... when the user
chooses the "multimedia" option of system menu... the submenu have three
columns of apps... Only a little set of apps put more specific tag like
"Midi" or "Synthesis"...

   This behavoir can be modified using more "Categories" tags describing
more closely the app... But this cant be done without the agreement of linux
apps developers about a clasification...

   I can make a proposal to add some tags?

(Tags about types off apps)

   AudioFX -> Effects
   AudioFrameworks (like csound or CLAM)

(Tags about runtime environment)


   If the developers of audio apps include this tags (or others that can be
discussed here) the wm developers can make a multimedia menu more clear and
compact... I think this is well for all people... And the work is only put
some words in one file of sources.

Well... sorry for my english

Thx in Advance
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