[LAD] How to develop guis for LV2?

David Robillard dave at drobilla.net
Fri Nov 6 16:00:33 UTC 2009

On Fri, 2009-11-06 at 07:17 -0500, Paul Davis wrote:
> there was a revision to the core specification,
> and it was a fairly deep revision at that, albeit a small one. this
> made one (and at this point, it really does look like one) extension
> that was written using an older version of the spec now technically
> invalid (even though in practice it still works). this could
> theoretically happen any time that the core spec is modified, and it
> underlines how much more important it is for that to remain stable if
> useful functionality is developed in the more "ad hoc distributed" way
> that the extension mechanism provides for.

Definitely.  It was not done lightly :)

This was really sort of a special case since it had to do with
identifiers and versioning.  I would be very surprised if anything like
it has to happen again.

> so, i don't really see this as having much to do with LV2, its current
> state or its design philosophy. i'd also note that while i too have
> been critical of LV2's design, i don't see anything else that can move
> us past the state of affairs that LADSPA represents.

<insert obligatory GMPI joke here>


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