[LAD] How to develop guis for LV2?

Gabriel M. Beddingfield gabriel at teuton.org
Sun Nov 8 22:44:37 UTC 2009

On Sun, 8 Nov 2009, David Robillard wrote:

> pretty good idea.  All that is needed as far as maintenance goes is for
> hosts to supply a simple turtle document that says "I implement foo and
> bar and baz extensions".  The rest can be compiled into whatever fancy
> human readable form you want, for every single plugin out there, by a

I would vote for XML for this, to better utilize all the parsers, 
transformers, and presentation mechanisms already written and in place. 
This isn't anti-turtle FUD, either.  Turtle looks like it was a good 
choice for the interface definitions.

> tool.  If I provide a template, would anyone be willing to put together
> these documents?  I will gladly write the tool if the data is there, and
> the problem will be solved, and a convention set that solves it in the
> future with basically no effort involved.

I would.


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