Rui Nuno Capela rncbc at rncbc.org
Sat Nov 21 02:00:59 UTC 2009

On 11/20/2009 08:15 PM, Nedko Arnaudov wrote A LOT :)

Nedko, are you on some kind of a meltdown or something?

now that i was making my day (erm, night?:) with your lv2fil plugin, are
you throwing in the towel (*) ?

certainly you aren't _that_ desperate, i hope.

am i too naive to assume you're just stirring the heavy waters of the
reactor? ;)

uber-procrastinator dixit
rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela
rncbc at rncbc.org

(*) spam warning: lv2 plugin support shaping up in qtractor ;)

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