[LAD] adding session notifications to jack

Nick Copeland nickycopeland at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 21 22:05:34 UTC 2009

> the current implementation is not able to merge sessions. 
> the uuid values used for identifying the apps to connect them up again,
> are maintaned by the applications. and for this feature to work, the
> sessionmanager would need to be able to change them while the session is
> still stored.
> we have some options but these clobber the simplicity a bit.
> iE we could mandate that the uuid is a commandline argument. 
> how we can solve this is up for discussion. 

There was a nice thread recently on how MIDI SYSEX id should be defined
and the same issue applies here. If you take system ID to be unique, which
it is supposed to be, then there is no reason why an app should not use this
ID for MIDI and for session management. Again, this does require hijacking 
a MIDI sysex but at the discussion went, if it is under command line control
and it is taken to be the UUID you do end up with two birds and one stone.

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