Florian Faber faber at faberman.de
Mon Nov 23 13:36:50 UTC 2009


>> I have never understood why D-Bus was even considered for a network-wide
>> audio session system.
> Just curious: I wonder who's using network audio. Much of Linux Audio
> is related to this "network" stuff, but I've never seen it anywhere
> else.

This is not limited to transferring audio over a network. This is also
about managing several workstation/distributed systems and external
gear. Audio streams are just one part of the picture.

> I've been in several studios with tons of expensive equipment, however,
> all this stuff was packed in a single room, usually around a decent
> mixing console or a computer with multichannel audio I/O (ProTools,
> Tascam, RME, whatever).

Big consoles already use GBit Ethernet to connect their bits and pieces,
and manufacturers are seeking solutions that allow interoperability.

> Nobody ever used a plugin on a remote system. Nobody ever used a remote
> I/O.

You probably just haven't seen it yet :)

I am very much looking forward to connect my first PoE powered
microphone to the network and have it pop up in ardour.

Machines can do the work, so people have time to think.
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