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Mon Nov 23 23:16:57 UTC 2009

Anybody know something about IEEE 802.1 AVB ?

Il giorno mar, 24/11/2009 alle 00.05 +0100, Nick Copeland ha scritto:
> > I'm also somewhat interested in the network part, I feel IPv6 could
> help
> > a lot. It supports autoconfiguration and it has decent multicast
> > support, so it would be possible to broadcast/multicast the streams
> on
> > the net (LAN). This could be useful if you want to access the stream
> at
> > a mixing console for a life setup and simultaneously record it on a
> > computer.
> Put another way, it would be far more compatible if this were done
> over
> an IP stream rather than any native ethernet stream, not least it
> could use
> any ethernet driver that linux supports rather than a small subset of
> them.
> I am sure this will make a lot of the lower layer people turn away
> from the
> project which is unfortunate but there are a lot of issues associated
> with 
> attempting to do this over a native ethernet connection: it would need
> some
> consideration to be given to data loss and recovery which are already
> native
> to the higher layers.
> Perhaps the project needs to be specified with regards to its goals?
> If the
> idea is just to have Ethernet supported as an interface then fine,
> native 
> access is probably fine. If the idea is to have Ethernet supported as
> a 
> transport the reusing what is already available makes a lot of sense.
> To 
> start with, being able to use any Ethernet card already means it can
> be
> done cheaply. Limiting it to selected devices perhaps not so as it
> would
> require the purchase of specific cards.
> Anyway, to paraphrase a joke a friend made recently, he drove to a
> Linux
> Audio Conference where the people there said to him "what are those
> round
> things on the side of your car?". He said at least when we went to the
> networking conferences people knowingly said "ah, I know what _they_
> are. 
> They're called wheels..... I've seen those before."
> Kind regards, nick
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