[LAD] FOSS Ethernet Soundcard

Karl Hammar karl at aspodata.se
Tue Nov 24 19:35:10 UTC 2009

Adrian Knoth:
> On Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 04:46:02PM +0100, Karl Hammar wrote:
> > Well, you have to start somewhere. I'm not in this to compete with 
> > Behringer ADA8000, I'm in this to fiddle around with soldering.
> WTF? Soldering is what it takes to make the product. If soldering is the
> motivation for the project, I couldn't care less. ;)

If you don't care, please don't comment.

> OTOH, as Gene has pointed out, a completely open source protocol
> replacing ADAT is a valid motivation, so the HQ guys could still jump
> the band waggon once the protocol has settled.

Has I ever said I'm doing this for the HQ guys? If they want me to
do it, I'd be more than happy to do a bussiness deal with them.

> (given that it will ever make its way)

If you are not interested, please go away.

> > One question tough. If you have ADAT, why go the longer way over an 
> > ADAT-to-ethernet box than straight into your adat card in your computer?
> > What would one gain?
> If I could save the MADI card and just plug the network cable into my
> el-cheapo network card, I would have a gain.

So, for you, this is about equipment cost, I'm I right?

> > uint48_t ethernet_addr;
> > uint32_t ip_addr = 192 << 24 | 168 << 16 | ethernet_addr & 0xffff;
> I'd probably slap you when come up with code like this. ;) This is
> lacking abstraction.

I don't accept your slap even if you add a smiley. This is not about
writing to a socket in an transport agnostic way, this is to show that
a the link local address thing is really easy to implement. Nothing more
nothing less. If you haven't listend closely enougth, this was to show
that you can do the same thing in IPv4 as in IPv6.

> For those who haven't heard, yet: An IP address isn't an uint32_t. This
> is the road to hell, leads to unportable code.

Well, this was about an IPv4 address. I did not use "struct in_addr"
or "in_addr_t", simply because to show that there is no magic to this.

Somewhere you have to do the bitstuffing. And if you already
understand things like this, how would you implement the link local
address in IPv6?

> But since I'm working for the networking chair at Jena University, let
> me tell you that the right structure for an IP address is
>    struct sockaddr_storage

So that means that if you didn't work at the networking chair,
I would be free to ignore you?

> Nothing else. Don't even dare to shift bits in an uint32_t.

And mr. networking char at Jena University, don't disgrace the 
university with your "slap you", "let me tell you" and "don't even 
dare". Continue like this and I will simply ignore you.


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