[LAD] Realtime MIDI programming?

Albert Graef Dr.Graef at t-online.de
Sat Oct 3 19:57:34 UTC 2009

victor wrote:
> As an alternative, you can use PortMIDI. It's a fairly simple API and
> I would recommend it.

Seconded. It's very portable as well, and wrappers exist for many
programming languages (or are easy to build, as it's just plain C).
Another thing that PortMidi has going for it, is that in conjunction
with PortTime it supports timing (and scheduling), an important feature
which RtMidi seems to lack entirely. (Yes, I noticed that Carlo didn't
ask for that, but he's probably going to need it anyway, sooner or
later.) Also, I just noticed that the PortMedia project finally offers
PortSMF to read and write standard MIDI files, too, I always missed that
piece. ;-)

Talking about Midi libraries, the venerable MidiShare is still the most
complete and feature-rich I've seen. Alas, it's 32 bit only and requires
a kernel module on Linux. The Grame people have moved on to other things
(Faust, most notably), and so this library is quickly falling victim to
bitrot now. :( If there's a young Linux audio programmer interested in
MIDI and looking for a project he can cut his teeth on, porting
MidiShare to 64 bit and getting rid of the kernel module would be a very
worthwhile endeavour!


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