[LAD] Open Keyboard: Request for velocity curve information

Albin Stigo albin.stigo at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 08:21:09 UTC 2009


Many thanks for all feedback on my original posting about what
features you would like to see in an open midi controller...

Based on your "requests" I've started experimenting a bit with adding
rotary encoders and a 20x4 lcd display. I've changed to a more
powerful (but still cheap and easy to work with) microcontroller
atmega128 (from atmega16). If you're not familiar with
microcontrollers you might be familiar with the arduino platform which
also uses an atmega (but the lesses atmega168).

Now to my question: Does anyone have some sample velocity curves, like
a mapping from key velocity to midi velocity for different instruments
(grand piano etc)? There doesn't seem to be any convention on how to
handle velocity data?? Does some synths expect linear mapping and does
the "mapping" in software??


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