[LAD] this past weekend's linuxaudio.org downtime

Cornell III, Howard M howard.m.cornell.iii at lmco.com
Tue Oct 13 12:39:40 UTC 2009

Now, please salve your consciences.  Linux is not culpable for this because the squirrel was not in there to participate in the Linux website activity and the electricity that fried the squirrel was stolen from many loads, perhaps including the Linux server; but it was not ever available to the server, being transferred to the squirrel, however unfortunately, prior to being used by any Linux activity.  Sometimes a few nanoseconds really make a difference.

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On Monday 12 October 2009 19:56:25 Jörn Nettingsmeier wrote:
> technically, you should add a phrase like "some animals were harmed
> during the creation of this website" to the lao imprint. might cause a
> public relations backlash, but then again, bad press is good press.

hmmm. now you have me thinking (ok foolishly, but still thinking)

technically, some animals are harmed during the creation of almost anything. 
(everything?) granted, it may have happened on the other side of the world 
and be totally unrelated but it was during the time frame of the creation.
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