[LAD] non-sequencer tempo drift

Gabriel M. Beddingfield gabriel at teuton.org
Sun Oct 18 12:06:36 UTC 2009

Hi Nick,

On Sun, 18 Oct 2009, nick bailey wrote:

> I've been playing with Non-sequencer over the last few days, love the 
> simplicity and uncluttered approach to the programme, however I'm 
> finding if run alongside Hydrogen or Ardour, the tempo drifts out of 
> sync, this occurs playing any song  longer than a couple of patterns. 
> The obvious answer to this is to have ardour as jack transport master, 
> Non-sequencer does not like this however and crashes. I post the

Since Non is a pretty immature program, it's inflexible about the 
Transport.  When initializing, it always wants to be the transport master, 
and doesn't take action of another program takes over.  That's why it's 

> question here rather than Linux Audio Users because I plan to write 
> applications utilising Jack MIDI myself and am wondering the best 
> approach to implement tempo in absence of alsa sequencer, which I found 
> quite nice to use but still jittery even with high res timers / real 
> time kernels.

The transport is the way to go.  One way would be to take it upon yourself 
to fix Non's transport.  You will learn a lot of the in's and out's that 

The JACK Transport is a Good Thing.  Some things about it that aren't easy 
to understand:

     * The program who is transport master can *lose* this
       status at any time without notification.  You
       must not write your program with logic that says
       "If I'm the master... calculate this way, but if
       I'm a transport slave.... calculate some other way."

     * Because of that, always program your audio code as
       if it's *always* the transport slave.  Set up the
       Transport Master code elsewhere.

     * When you supply the Bar:Beat:Tick info, it needs
       to come evenly.  Your ticks-per-beat and beat-per-
       bar needs to align.

     * Beware of frames-per-tick roundoff error.  It's
       natural to calculate frames-per-tick, round it to
       and integer, and use that as a basic building
       block.  However, it will result in tempo drift.


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