[LAD] Salon Linux 2010 Paris

Maurizio De Cecco jmax at dececco.name
Wed Oct 21 09:20:58 UTC 2009


this message is to inform the community that in the next edition of the
the "Salon Linux 2010", in march 2010 in Paris, a french Linux event
including a conference cycle, there will be a session around
professional music and video creation with free software.

You can find the call for contribution at

The call talk about contribution and not paper because actually
only a presentation is required, not a paper.

We are looking mostly for overviews of availables solutions or
in depth presentations of mainstream ''products''.

Unfortunately, the communication must be in french :-< ...

Feel free to distribute this mail where do you think it may be
appropriate, or to contact me to get more details.

Maurizio De Cecco

Music:    http://www.myspace.com/mauriziodececco
Blog:     http://maurizio.dececco.name/
Software: http://www.jmax-phoenix.org/

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