[LAD] LinuxDSP plugins: not notified via jack_client_callback on leaving the graph ?

James Warden warjamy at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 24 13:23:40 UTC 2009

Hey there,

In my app, I am logging clients coming and leaving out the jack graph, and this is what I see with e.g. the linuxdsp GR-EQ2 plugin:

[15:10:46]  Jack Client  ***  GR-EQ2 added to port map
[15:10:55]  Jack Client  ***  probe joined the graph
[15:19:43]  Jack Client  ***  GR-EQ2 joined the graph
[15:19:51]  Jack Client  ***  probe joined the graph

When I terminate the standalone "plugin", I do not get what I would expect, i.e. "GR-EQ2 left the graph". Instead, I get "probe" joined the graph. What is going on ?


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