[LAD] [LAU] [ANN] LADI Session Handler - Preview 1

florentberthaut at no-log.org florentberthaut at no-log.org
Wed Sep 2 14:37:18 UTC 2009

> On Tuesday 01 September 2009 19:18:45 Dennis Schulmeister wrote:
>> That kind of application already exists. It's called a tiling window
>> manager. ;) DWM is one I sometimes use although I never tried it for
>> audio work.
> I think what is being asked for is more like a regular window manager with
> a
> tiling type window manager inside of it that handles the audio apps. Or
> perhaps all apps you assign to it. The rest exist outside of the tiling
> bit.
> They may want more flexibility inside the tiling part though. It has been
> a
> while since I fired up a tiling manager and so don't recall details atm.
> (I could be completely off on this read, but is is my take from paying
> partial
> attention to this thread.)

No it's exactly what i meant ;)
This "tiling window manager" application would handle only the audio
applications (or the one you want it to handle) and could be started
within any DE . The goal is to combine the advantages of the "all-in one
audio app" and of a multiple applications workflow.



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