[LAD] jack samplerate/buffersize callbacks

Gabriel M. Beddingfield gabriel at teuton.org
Sat Sep 5 12:16:14 UTC 2009

Hi Cal,

On Sat, 5 Sep 2009, cal wrote:

> I can't quite figure it out, can anyone tell me the circumstances that would
> lead to jack reporting a change to samplerate/buffersize on the fly?
> cheers, Cal

It's part of the API of JACK... so any application can cause it to happen 
for any reason.  It usually doesn't happen automatically, but as the 
result of a user's interaction.

For example, the attached C++ program gives you a command-line tool to 
change the buffersize on the fly.  Compile & run it like this:

    $ g++ -o jack_set_buffer_size jack_set_buffer_size.cpp -ljack
    $ ./jack_set_buffer_size 1024

It's pretty simple to write a similar app. for samplerate.

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