[LAD] interesting blog post about syncing blender and ardour

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Mon Sep 21 20:16:45 UTC 2009

Arnold Krille wrote:
> From my personal experience the rt kernels can also cause crashes without 
> nvidia drivers loaded

I don't have any trouble with rt kernels when not using a proprietary 
(ATI) driver, excepted of jitter for external MIDI. Most times the rt 
kernels are as stable as the latest Atari ST TOS on my machine. 
Something I never would have guessed :). The proprietary driver for my 
ATI graphics doesn't work at all :(.

> while non-rt kernels with nvidia-drivers run stable.
> Based on the fact that since switching "back" to -rt without nvidia some weeks 
> ago, there is less then a 1/3 chance for a clean shut-down...

This might depend on how well the applications and libs fit together. I 
guess for Suse upgraded to the most up to date Linux software this is 
most probably, while for 64 Studio, were everything is tuned by default, 
but also very often outdated, rt kernels seldom cause troubles. For my 
64 Studio there's one exception. I run Qtractor (svn versions) and 
Qtractor isn't included to 64 Studio at all. Qtractor often crashes 
because libfluidsynth isn't a good version for DSSI usage with Qtractor.

 From my experiences it doesn't seems to be the rt kernel, but bad tuned 
applications and libs, that's why I changed from Suse to 64 Studio. 64 
Studio has some disadvantages, for Suse it's possible to run 32-bit 
applications on a 64-bit Suse, e.g. LightScribe software, it's 
impossible to do that on a 64-bit 64 Studio. For Suse it's possible to 
run completely new applications without any effort, while it's 
impossible for 64 Studio.

Such rt kernel trouble seems to depend to the tuning of the installation 
and seldom to the kernel itself. YMMV.


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