[LAD] Pd, Csound and SuperCollider code as plugin

hollunder at gmx.at hollunder at gmx.at
Mon Sep 21 20:22:22 UTC 2009

On Mon, 21 Sep 2009 20:33:49 +0200
rosea grammostola <rosea.grammostola at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> On the LAU list we were discussing the possibilities of audio
> synthesis environments as plugins.
> " [LAU] From audio synthesis environment to plugin"
> Pd, SC and Csound give so much possibilities when it comes to 
> instruments and effects. Wouldn't it be cool if Linux audio users
> could easily use some code/patches as plugins? I imagine, someone
> makes a cool synth 'patch' which you can easily use within a 'plugin
> interface'. So without knowing how to code in SuperCollider for
> example, you can benefit from patches of others, which you can easily
> use as plugin (or 'jack application').
> If there is such a 'plugin interface' and people start sharing 
> 'plugins', this could make Linux more useful for Music Production. It 
> also could fill the gap of not having a lot commercial VST plugins
> for Linux imho.
> Of course I'm not the first with this idea and there are some
> solutions or suggestions already. I'll try to give a list.... (of
> course I could miss some options)
> -------------
> *Csound:*
> http://www.csounds.com/journal/issue6/csLADSPA.html
> CSoundVST:
> http://www.csounds.com/manual/html/CommandCsoundVST.html (Windows,
> but also possible to build as native Linux plugin, recently).
> -------------------
> *Pd:*
> http://www-crca.ucsd.edu/~jsarlo/pdvst/ (only Windows afaik)
> -------------------
> *
> SuperCollider:*
> SC comes with a SuperColliderAU.component (Mac only)
> Here are some possibilities listed (Faust for example):
> http://supercollider.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Systems_interfacing_with_SC#other_systems
> Java bindings -> http://www.erase.net/projects/p5_sc/ and jvst -> 
> http://jvstwrapper.sourceforge.net/
> ----------------------
> So it seems that CSound already has an solution for GNU/Linux. But Pd 
> and SC only seems to have solutions  for either Windows or Mac.
> It would be great and good for Linux audio imho if we could use Pd
> and SC patches as plugins on GNU/Linux. And to make them popular and
> have as much sharing of plugins between users as possible, a
> crossplatform solution might be the best bet.
> I'm not a developer, so I can't tell how good my ideas and
> suggestions are. I also don't know if I see clear when I see these
> opportunities. That's why I mail it to this list, so experts can tell.
> Maybe one or more developers likes the idea and also sees these 
> opportunities and are capable of setting plans and ideas into
> something practical...
> Thanks in advance,
> \rooz

Why have you left out faust? It apparently can compile to: jack, alsa,
ladspa, Q, super collider, oss, sndfile

I only know half of those but Jack and ladspa is pretty much all you
need imho.

Now I do have issues with the css on: http://faust.grame.fr/catalog.php.
The example clients don't work because I don't have libglitz.so.1.
I couldn't download the papers, either because of some restructuring
on the site(from what I could tell with my lousy french) or because it
requires flash.
And I haven't found any contact besides some mail address.

So the website seems to be a bit of a fail, but the language seems


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