[LAD] phasex-0.12.0-pre1

William Weston weston at sysex.net
Wed Sep 30 19:07:30 UTC 2009

On Wed, 30 Sep 2009, Dave Phillips wrote:

> William Weston wrote:
>> Announcing phasex-0.12.0-pre1:
> Hi William,
> While I like the Phasex GUI I think it would be much enhanced if the panels 
> could be further distinguished by different colors. Is that at all possible 
> with GTK2 as used by Phasex ?
> Best,
> dp

GTK2 allows you to reference widgets by type, class, or name in the 
gtkrc theme files.  I'll see what I can do by setting names for the 
frame widgets before releasing 0.12.0-stable.  I'll let you know 
when the changes are in git.


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