[LAD] Interface development for the blind (starting from Bristol)

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Mon Apr 12 12:10:29 UTC 2010

Hello Nick!
   Again such a nice update. Thanks for that.
   I can move my braille display easily enough. The system screen stays the 
same, so every bgraille display has navigation controls of some sort to move 
the small "window", that I can see, across the real screen. Completely in 
order for reading, it doesn't take time and the controls are built to be 
easily accessible while reading.
   As I said, the complex command completion is only something for larger 
programs, which huge command sets. I just mentioned it, since this thread was 
partly opened to do some general talking as well.
   I'm fine with no TAB=completion on filenames. They look short enough. The 
command set you envisage now, sounds very reasonable and completely 
satisfying. In the search department you again got one better than me "/^lfo".
   Outputting search results all over the 80 chars is OK again, as it is 
reading material, not up to realtime changing. The parameters as they are now 
over the 40chars look fine. No need to close the distance. I'm one for the 
lookers as well. :-) Hard to believe, but there it is. I always liked 
beautifying things. :-)
   And of course I'm already excited about the next version. Give me the link 
or an attached tarball, I don't mind which. This is really fun. I love it, 
when you start something, have a really intuitive interface and immediately 
get sound and are able to change everything to your hearts content. this is 
going marvellously well. The idea of using the VI-type of interface was a 
great one! As you can see, I'm enthused about it.
   Kindly and greatfully yours

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