[LAD] successive note on midi events

James Morris james at jwm-art.net
Mon Apr 12 23:55:48 UTC 2010

On Mon, April 12, 2010 09:26, Thorsten Wilms wrote:

> polyphonic case, it should be c). Doubling a note seems perfectly
> reasonable to me and accidental surplus Note-Ons are simply not
> acceptable (I'm also not aware of that being a common problem).

Ok, ok, ok, my last question, this has got me all flummoxed but I now
believe I've figured it out - please confirm!

And as per hints regarding musical instruments which use the (non-digital)
materials they're made of to produce sound...

A string of note-ons following each other all for the same pitch n without
any intervening note-offs for pitch n, IS PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE provided
they are INTENTIONAL and NOT accidental.

I never said this would be unintentional nor a result of lousy programming

Please say so, yes, that is correct, please..


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