[LAD] distros migrating to JACK2?

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Sat Apr 17 21:15:11 UTC 2010


On Friday 16 April 2010 19:55:49 Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> Arnold, I don't have much money. 1. A hard disk isn't expensive.

Sometimes a big hard-disk is not a question. Sometimes you use hardware that 
can't use big hard-disks.

> 2. For
> e.g. 64 Studio 3.0-beta3 amd64 libjack0.100.0-dev does need 61.4 kb and
> not gigs. I'm just talking about JACK.

When you start with one package to contain both (debugging) binaries and 
headers, you will go on with all of them. Now lets see how big debug-symbols 
and headers from KDE, Qt, Gnome, firefox and openoffice are.

> 3. Who does use Linux audio and
> doesn't need libjack-dev?

People distributing their own packages in their "private" network. Only the 
package-building machine needs the dev-packages.

> 4. Who does produce music on a 20GB hard disk?

I didn't say anything about producing, did I?

The machine is meant to do "master"-processor for listening, both digital-
room-correction for at-home and live-foh-master. Don't need much disk their. 
And newer disks with fine mechanics and narrower tracks on the disk are less 
fault-tolerant with respect to noise likely to be present at the foh.
Originally that machine was to run from a 4GB CF-Card. Only the motherboard 
wouldn't boot from it.
Now, why again should that machine have all the dev-stuff installed again?
Why should sound-installations have the complete development-chain installed?

I thought that it would be okay for jack to packaged with both server and 
client-lib in one package. But considering that I have libpulse installed to 
make apps looking for pulse happy, while the pulseserver is not installed (to 
make me happy), I have come to the conclusion, that jack also has to be split 
in server and client libs (and development packages!). That way your favourite 
music player can have an output plugin that looks for jack and if that is not 
running, looks for pulse and finally choose direct alsa for playback...

Have fun,

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