[LAD] resampling with sp/dif

Conrad Berhörster conrad.berhoerster at gmx.de
Mon Apr 19 10:38:35 UTC 2010


i want to grab some external sources (cdplayer)  with jack. i run a jack 
instance with 48000 Hz and it works perfectly with my cd player and ardour. 
but if i take a cheaper cdplayer, the signal will only be came in with 44100, 
because there seems no resample and sync between the master (soundcard) and 
slave (cheapoCD) . so, the signal will always being played to slow. i found a 
workaround with a small external box, which resamples the incoming signal 
before it get into the soundcard. 

Since a while, i think about a software solution, which puzzles me a bit. if i 
doing the process without the  external resampler, what must be done with the 
If the original source is 44100 Hz, the incoming signal is 48000 (because of 
jack). if i try to resample it, the current buffer get shorter, because the 
signal need to be decreased. 
How can a correct resampling process be done? 

Thanks c~

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