[LAD] LAC 2010 program is online !

Marc Groenewegen marcg at dinkum.nl
Mon Apr 19 15:58:30 UTC 2010

Hello everyone,

this won't be a surprise to most of you, as you're all checking the
LAC website twice a day for updates, but for the others: the program
is now available and can be viewed in various ways: list, abstracts,
printable holistic view and there's even an iCal export !

A big thumbs-up to Robin Gareus for making this very slick web frontend for my database
to make all this possible.


As you can see it's very well filled with activities throughout every
day and on three evenings in several locations and with a wide variety
of subjects.

It's been a less than trivial operation to piece it all together but the
conference promises to be very interesting.

In case last-minute changes occur, the website will be updated immediately
so always check the site for the latest information.

Let's hope the cloud of volcanic ash gets blown away soon.

We're looking forward to seeing you in Utrecht !

Kind regards,
Marc, Robin, Frank and the rest of the team

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