[LAD] [OT] Richard Stallman warns against ChromeOS

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Wed Dec 15 18:56:04 UTC 2010

On Wednesday 15 December 2010 16:41:32 Jörn Nettingsmeier wrote:
> On 12/15/2010 11:14 AM, gene heskett wrote:
> > Ralf I suspect, if he were to use pgp, would be like me, and only trust
> > pgp-2.6.2a, the last one before they put Zimmerman in jail for a few
> > years. I have often said, and have been called the uber paranoid for it,
> > that one of the conditions of his release was that the next generation
> > of pgp had a back door.
> as they say, paranoia doesn't mean they're not after you!
> :-D
> i think this problem is mitigated somewhat by using open protocols with
> open crypto implementations that have undergone public scrutiny. unless
> you want to believe that "the NSA has quantum computers anyway and have
> solved the entire problem space years ago" :)

Some months back fbi had to admit that current encryption is to good for them. 
After a year of trying they returned a hard-disk (which Mexican police asked 
them to decrypt) admitting they couldn't do anything to get the data...
Went through fefe's blog...

Have fun,

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