[LAD] Identify Peek in Drum Samples

Oliver Jaun olijaun at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 20 09:27:23 UTC 2010


I bought the natural drum samples (http://www.naturaldrum.com/). It contains 
WAVs and presets for Kontakt and Halion. Now I'd like to create some gigasampler 
files in order to use it with linuxsampler.

The documentation of the natural drum sample library is quite good. The only 
thing missing is the "loudness" of each sample in order to map each sample to a 
velocity level from 0-127.

What would you  recommend in order to calculate the "peek" of each drum sample 
automatically? Is there a library which could do this? I would also be happy 
with a command line tool like this:

$ peek bla.wav
Peek value: 12345

I could then write a C++-App using libgig.
Any ideas? Libraries? Algorithms?


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