[LAD] seeking "fresh" way to process/shape human whisper in real-time

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Wed Dec 22 19:57:06 UTC 2010

Hello Ico!
   why not go for praat? Praat offers many voices related functions. You can 
use the easy, funny bits, like changing speaker/gender or I believe trace 
different melodies, if there are any to find. You could I think move the 
formant filters. A very interesting tool to work with voices. It has a GUI, 
but you can also use a simple script language, if you want to do something 
clever, based on algorythms. The results are very living, very close to a real 
voice, if you want them that way. I liked it, because it didn't sound so 
obviously synthesized.
   Hope that helps.
   Kindest regards

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