[LAD] PD L2Ork 20101229 snapshot now available

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Wed Dec 29 20:57:18 UTC 2010

Please excuse cross-posting.

Dear friends and fellow FOSS enthusiasts,

It is my great pleasure to share with the community a belated Holiday
present :-) in a form of latest snapshot of L2Ork iteration of
Pure-Data. Better than ever, the latest version comes with the following

*implemented apply undo for array properties and partially implemented
apply undo for graph-on-parent object properties (does not apply to
abstractions or top-level windows currently until I figure out how to
address the indexing of toplevel windows inside the glist as well as how
to address to which window such an undo belongs).
*properties are disabled when right-clicking on an abstraction as
modifying its settings externally does not make sense when one does not
see the actual contents inside it. So, to edit the properties of an
abstraction, one has to open the actual abstraction.
*fixed how new arrays are created so that they always fit within the
specified boundaries. Please note arrays that have been already created
in prior patches remain untouched in terms of graph auto-resizing
(legacy code is provided in g_editor.c canvas_vis that deals with this
if anyone wishes to convert their arrays but is incomplete in that it
assumes all arrays require resizing--this is however unnecessary as
simple recreation of said arrays or manual readjustment of their
settings ought to do the trick.
	-This feature needs further testing--feedback is most appreciated.
*fixed how arrays deal with moving array points via mouse by restricting
them within the array bounds--this should work for all gui-driven array
operations, while array alterations via snapshots and other external
ways of manipulating arrays remain unbound so as to allow for
traditional data-flow debugging--this may change down the road in part
due to introduction of the magicGlass option and in part due to belief
that data monitoring should only report ranges specified by the graph.
	-This feature needs further testing--feedback is most appreciated.
*added new feature for arrays where they report a bang through the
<arrayname>_changed send (if one is provided) whenever they have been
altered by a mouse click'n'drag--this in conjunction with array graph
auto-resizing makes arrays formidable alternatives for multisliders.
	-This feature needs further testing--feedback is most appreciated.
*when an array subpatch is opened and resized, the array automatically
now resizes to properly fill the window.
	-This feature needs further testing--feedback is most appreciated.
*fixed where array was not visible after reopening the patch if any of
its points touched upon y graph limits.
*fixed couple of segfaults caused by gridflow incompatibility--more
problems remain with gridflow library compatibility, likely due to
widgetbehavior  and possibly also magicGlass incompatibility. Further
investigation is necessary.
*fixed memory leak in the disis_phasor~ external where the destructor
was never properly called and updated its documentation (available in
the l2ork_addons package).
*fixed highlighting of signal nlets where nlet would revert to
non-signal appearance after being highlighted/connected.
*reintroduced array listview (this was a regression in respect to
*improved appearance of the array listview.
*fixed a few broken links in the pddp documentation and added new
l2ork-specific array features to the pddp documentation.

Latest snapshot is available from the usual place:

Complete changelog since 11/25/2010 is available here:

Happy belated Holidays!

Best wishes,


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