[LAD] DX7 (was Re: On the last eve of the year)

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Fri Dec 31 15:56:21 UTC 2010

On Fri, 2010-12-31 at 16:32 +0100, Julien Claassen wrote:
> Hello Ralf1
>    I do have a DX7 IID and I think it's a nice instrument, for what it's 
> supposed to do. But I think Hexter is not too far of base.

I didn't compare DX7 and DX7 II directly, but I've got the impression
that at least the preset sounds of the DX7 II are less good, but the DX7
sounds and I've got the impression that Hexter does sound similar to the
DX7 II. The problem might be my sound card ;).

My DX7 does sound much better, but Hexter does.
Hm, a friend hopefully still has got his DX7 II, maybe he sold it at
Ebay. A direct comparison might be interesting.

Btw. for my 'one of the first' DX7 there's unwanted noise when I use the
modulation wheel to control the volume. In 198x they said that this is a
failure by the software and they would give me an upgraded DX7, but IMO
even those DX7 did sound different.

OT: I never noticed any difference for the sound quality, of different
versions of the Prophet 5, but I guess everybody heard about stable or
unstable tuning for different versions of the Mini Moog ;). Revisions
could have different qualities. [OT end]

> I played them both 
> and I enjoyed them both very much. I suspect that the IID model might have had 
> some changes to its inner workings. But I wouldn't think, that there was too 
> much changed, since it was mainly about the memory cartridge, as far as I 
> know.
>    Yes the keyboard isn't too bad, even compared to some of the new ones I 
> have. It's a little too loud for my taste,

*lol* Full ACK, while Achim's DX7 II has a much less loud keyboard (but
still a loud keyboard), my old DX7 in the brown metal case really has
got a loud keyboard.

Yes, this is the week point of this keyboard.

> but the feeling, while playing it, 
> is about right. There's one keyboard (as in the keys only), that beats them 
> all: The Roaldn XP keyboard. I have the XP30 and the keyboard is marvellous. 
> Not weighted, I'm not sure, who has the best ones there, but quieter than the 
> DX, not too soft and the aftertouch is really fluent. You don't really notice 
> the point, where you get from just holding down, to aftertouch. Of course, you 
> have to use some extra strength, so you don't activate it by accident, but no 
> click or anything.
>    So for gettng this of track, when I got it off track before. :-) But talking 
> synth is always nice, if you ever encountered the gear in question. :-)
>    Kindly yours
>            Julien

As a guitarist I prefer half-weighted, but weighted keyboards. The
Kurzweil PC2 has got a common half-weighted keyboard that is used by
many other synth of several companies. I don't remember the name, but
IMO this is the best keyboard for synth, excepted somebody prefers
weighted, resp. original piano keyboards.

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