[LAD] DX7 (was Re: On the last eve of the year)

Nick Copeland nickycopeland at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 31 17:11:42 UTC 2010

> OT: I never noticed any difference for the sound quality, of different
> versions of the Prophet 5, but I guess everybody heard about stable or
> unstable tuning for different versions of the Mini Moog ;). Revisions
> could have different qualities. [OT end]

There were two major releases of the Prophet-5, one with Curtis chips and
later one with SSM chips. The Curtis had rather wild temperature senstivity 
and so was replaced. Anybody who has used both found the newer models 
to sound a lot thinner and some would prefer the sensitivity/unreliability of 
the former to get the sound quality.

The MiniMoog is a bit more esoteric, they did not used anybodies chipsets
but mostly discrete components. Legend has it they the board layout was
changed at some point and even though the design was the same those in 
the know did not appreciate the new sound.

I am pretty sure the Oberheim went through the same issues as SC. The
big Rolands are a separate issue - I think they used there own chipsets but
I could be a bit wide of the mark.

Kind regards, nick.
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