[LAD] setting a runlevel at the boot prompt?

Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de
Mon Feb 1 23:34:46 UTC 2010

hi everyone!

here's a question for sysadmin type low-latency adepts:

i have a general-purpose notebook that doubles as a lean and mean 
recording machine. it's opensuse, which means it works nicely with most 
bells and whistles, but it also has an awful lot of questionable stuff 
running that interferes with stable low-latency performance.

so i usually boot into a ll kernel and kill everything i don't need for 
the duration of a session.
to ease that job, i have put the (unused) runlevel 4 back to work: 
basically i copied rc5.d into rc4.d and ruthlessly deleted everything i 
don't want. now "sudo telinit 4" will slim down my process list.

since the runlevel corresponds with the need for a ll kernel, i wonder: 
is there any way to tell the kernel (via grub) to tell init to ignore 
the initdefault in /etc/inittab and go directly to runlevel $FOO?

and while we're there, doing a kexec instead of a warm reboot would be 
so sexy - has anyone played with that yet?



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