[LAD] [ANN] Non DAW and Non Mixer 1.0.0

Louigi Verona louigi.verona at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 01:59:16 UTC 2010

Tried to build non-mixer - configure went okay, so did make, but on
make install it said:
make: *** No rule to make target `nonlib/libnonlib.a', needed by
`src/mixer'.  Stop.

And there it ended. Any advice?

Louigi Verona.

On Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 8:21 AM, <malnourite at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm pleased to announce the release of Non-DAW and Non-Mixer version
> 1.0.0. Some version numbers have been skipped, as a lot time as gone
> without an official release. Those who have followed Non-DAW via git
> will only notice a few changes, most of them pushed very recently.
> The chief advancement provided by this release is the long overdue
> inclusion of the Non-Mixer. This completes the Non triad and should
> cover the needs of many, some in ways I haven't yet imagined (it
> covers my needs almost completely).
> Non-Mixer is a stand-alone modular mixer application for JACK. It
> hosts several internal modules, one of which hosts LADSPA plugins. All
> parameters can be controlled through the GUI or externally via Control
> Voltage signals [the native control sequence output of Non-DAW] (but a
> MIDI<->CV gateway program exists, for other uses). It has the unique
> feature of each strip having its own JACK client, which has promising
> implications for parallel processing. Non Mixer also has a fast, light
> FLTK GUI, which finds no problem in rendering hundreds of strips. I
> have plans to add support for DSSI plugins.
> Currently, Non-DAW and Non-Mixer are kept in the same repository, even
> though they are entirely independent applications. I have already
> begun to restructure the repository and build system and I plan to
> split the repositories for the two projects out completely, as time
> allows.
> This release is dedicated to Deanna, whose untimely demise, in
> addition to the rumors of my own death, has reminded me of my
> mortality and the necessity of realizing my dreams while I still have
> the opportunity. I will not be discouraged, so don't bother trying. I
> will resist blind adherence to the status quo, as I always have--but
> now even more fiercely. Progress will not happen on its own. It must
> be forced along by individuals of power, wisdom, and vision; which we
> should all aspire to become. But I digress.
> Non-DAW and Non-Mixer (and Non-Sequencer) can be acquired via git from
> the URLs listed on the Non website:
>    http://non.tuxfamily.org
> A shortlog from v0.5.0 to v1.0.0 follows:
> Jonathan Moore Liles (224):
>      Remove dependence on FLTK >= 1.1.8.
>      Make mute and solo buttons more colorful.
>      Fix offset error in selection rectangle.
>      Don't lose track of timeline focus when window loses focus.
>      Provide a keybinding/menu entry for track renaming.
>      Add action to set range from region position and length.
>      Handle very long port names.
>      Make normalization work properly with looped regions.
>      Improve the appearance of rec/mute/solo buttons.
>      Add solo and record blinkers to TLE.
>      Oops. Fix order of reference in track destructor.
>      Use exact JACK client name in LASH initialization.
>      Add module information to debugging output.
>      Don't quit on escape key.
>      Show disk usage in TLE.
>      Take fades into consideration when splitting regions.
>      Formally disconnect from JACK at exit.
>      Properly handle removal of a track's active sequence.
>      Add option to remove all but the current take.
>      Remove extraneous inclusions of const.h
>      Oops. Write journal entries in proper order when generating snapshot.
>      Set value of 'show all takes' toggle correctly when updating menus.
>      Fix log entry parser for values containing ":" (colons).
>      Use timestamps (of creation) for take names instead of sequential
> numbers.
>      Add total MB free'd to output of 'remove-unused-sources' script.
>      Oops. Remove debugging noise from console output.
>      remove-unused-sources: Include peak files in deletion and size
> calculation.
>      Draw inactive takes in a darker hue.
>      remove-unused-sources: Fix source detection regex and add -m (move)
> option (now the default)
>      Fix occasional segfault upon loading snapshots.
>      Clean up sequence widget label drawing behavior.
>      Don't make an assertion when drawing empty regions.
>      Add 'Denormalize' to Audio_Region context menu.
>      Disable some Audio_Region context menu items when appropriate.
>      Display Y-axis value for control points on mouse over.
>      Fix selection bug for Control Points.
>      Cleanup capture code and eliminate off-by-one-buffer bug when bouncing
> tracks.
>      Clean up signedness problems in Loggable ID treatment.
>      Add LASH connection indicator to GUI along with --no-lash command line
> option.
>      Implement storage and loading of unjournaled state for Loggable
> objects.
>      Use a hash instead of an array for indexing loggables.
>      Add some error checking to unjournaled state save/load.
>      Remove unnecessary code from unjournaled state loader.
>      Use a single hash table for storing loggables and unjournaled state.
>      Remove unnecessary debugging output.
>      Don't leak memory in handling of unjournaled state.
>      Implement capture-offset latency compensation.
>      Give newly created track the focus.
>      Save unjournaled state on LASH save file event.
>      Don't lose timeline settings on LASH save event...
>      Clean up region trimming code.
>      Clean up region splitting code.
>      Clean up journal transaction buffer code to avoid overflow.
>      Assert whenever an invalid journal entry is encountered.
>      Don't allow transport relocation while recording.
>      Check for makedepend command in configure script.
>      Add 'ar' to required commands in configure script.
>      Fl_Arc_Dial: Don't forget to execute callback for mousewheel events
>      Soften the glare effect in FL_BURNISHED_OVAL_BOX
>      Fl_Arc_Dial: Draw value over face of dial
>      Implement Fl_Flowpack.
>      Implement Fl_Labelpad_Group
>      Fl_Sometimes_Input: Draw a box.
>      Refactor common components of Timeline and Mixer into nonlib/
>      Makefile: disable function inlining when building for debugging.
>      Timeline: Try to make the window fill the screen at startup.
>      Make boxtype drawn on Fl_Sometimes_Input's up mode configurable.
>      Configure: Don't forget to eval result of 'ask' function.
>      Make optimized drawing of timeline canvas a compile-time option.
>      Make doublebuffering of the timeline sub-window a compile-time option.
>      Make use of a sub-window for the timeline a compile-time option.
>      Update some copyright years.
>      LASH_Engine: Add missing include.
>      Timeline: Add blinker to indicate that one or more sequence widgets is
> selected.
>      Timeline: Don't forget to journal edits to time and tempo points!
>      Fl_Sometimes_Input: Add omitted include.
>      Fl_Labelpad_Group: Measure using actual font of widget instead of
> always FL_HELVETICA.
>      Timeline: Always resize tracks Fl_Pack.
>      Don't die if user picks a popup menu item with no callback set (e.g. a
> submenu node).
>      Timeline: Don't die if the user cancels a Track's manual channels set
> dialog.
>      Add some profiling output for project loading.
>      Attempt to fix sign error in declicking logic for 64-bit systems.
>      Timeline: Attempt to constrain main window to size of screen, but
> don't automatically fill the screen.
>      Don't allow process callback to be invoked between Engine and
> JACK::Client destruction.
>      Control Sequences should output control voltage values between 0.0 and
> 1.0, not -1.0 and 1.0.
>      Allow the removal of annotation sequences via a context menu.
>      User can temporarily disable snapping by holding down 's'.
>      Make it optional (Options/Behavior/...)  wether or not stopping the
> transport disables global record.
>      Ignore events with modifiers in Timeline::handle() to avoid eating
> keyboard event for global rec enable.
>      Add context menu entries (with keybindings) to Track for record, mute,
> and solo.
>      Add FL_Menu keybinding to popup Track context menu.
>      Assign a shortcut to 'Transport' submenu.
>      Add entries (with keybindings) for size to Track context menu.
>      Properly set default color scheme.
>      Remove (deprecated) LASH support.
>      Implement Mixer.
>      Mixer: Fix memory error and fill newly allocated chain buffers with
> silence.
>      Mixer: Properly handle multiple plugin instances in one Plugin
> module..
>      Mixer: Fix orientation of vertical sliders in Module_Parameter_Editor
>      Mixer: Make main scrollbar work again.
>      Mixer: Hide panner widget until it's ready to be connected to
> something...
>      Mixer: Teach modules how to serializer their input port settings.
>      Mixer: Share (reuse) buffers between all chains.
>      Mixer: Fix optimized meter drawing.
>      Mixer: Don't redraw mixer strips unnecessarily.
>      Mixer: Clean up some compiler warnings.
>      Mixer: Allow peaks to be reset on mouse click in Meter_Module
>      Mixer: Improve the mousewheel behavior of Fl_Arc_Dial and add
> Fl_Value_SliderX.
>      Mixer: Don't forget to remove timeouts in destructors!
>      Mixer: Changes to support project saving/loading.
>      Split New_Project_Dialog out into FL/ to share with mixer.
>      JACK_Module: Don't forget to shutdown input ports in destructor.
>      Mixer: Add menubar.
>      Mixer: GUI Cleanups. Also, permit moving of strips to the left/right.
>      Mixer: Implement "quit" command.
>      Mixer: Gain_Module now accepts gain in dB.
>      Timeline: Add blinker to indicate that one or more sequence widgets is
> selected.
>      Mixer: Fix one-off in vertical position of DPM.
>      Mixer: Clip module labels.
>      Module_Parameter_Editor: Use Fl_Menu_Button instead of Fl_Choice to
> improve layout.
>      Mixer/Module: Save/restore 'active' state.
>      Mixer_Strip: Don't forget strip's color.
>      Mixer: Don't forget to save and load controllers.
>      Module_Parameter_Editor: Hide the module name label because it rarely
> fits in the window.
>      Mixer: Fix race condition causing invalid read in process thread of
> Meter_Indicator_Module.
>      Mixer/Plugin_Module: Properly manage number of plugin instances.
>      Mixer: Rearrange so that each mixer strip runs as its own JACK client.
>      Add hack to support 'renaming' of JACK::Client.
>      Mixer: Fix plugin loading chicken/egg problem.
>      Mixer/Plugin_Module: Don't die because user picks a category instead
> of a plugin.
>      Fix bug in plugin input configuration.
>      When recreating ports after 'renaming' a jack client, sort by mode,
> then alpha.
>      Cleanup.
>      Timeline: Always resize tracks Fl_Pack.
>      Mixer: Add a Mono Panner module.
>      Silence warnings about asprintf return value.
>      Mixer: Allow user to add internal modules as well as plugins to a
> chain.
>      Mixer: Improve chain insert debugging messages.
>      Mixer/Chain: Avoid renaming JACK clients unnecessarily.
>      Mixer: Fix invalid read in module picker.
>      Mixer: GUI Tweaks.
>      Mixer: Use doublebuffering for main window.
>      Mixer: Fix box type of strip name widgets.
>      Mixer: Draw inactive modules in darker colors.
>      Mixer: Don't require a connected control input for processing audio in
> Gain_Module.
>      Make the interval of Fl_Blinker configurable.
>      JACK doesn't like it if you set a slow-sync callback and don't act
> like a slow-sync client...
>      Timeline: Add a blinker for pending seek.
>      Mixer: Put chian modules inside an Fl_Scroll.
>      Mixer: Decrease the default height of Plugin_Module's.
>      Add option to tile mixer strips into 1, 2, or 3 rows.
>      Mixer: Scan for plugins in a background thread.
>      Mixer: Add context menu for Controllers. Save/load control mode.
>      Mixer: Make chain background color match mixer strip.
>      Mixer: Explicitly destroy chian when tearing down mixer strip.
>      Mixer: Show peak value in tooltip on DPMs.
>      Disable mouse-over highlighting of mixer strip name fields.
>      Implement Fl_Packscroller, an alternative to Fl_Scroll better suited
> to containing vertical Fl_Packs.
>      Use Fl_Packscroller for modules in Chain.
>      Don't bother drawing a DPM if it's clipped.
>      Mixer: Define minimum height for mixer strips.
>      Mixer: Make spatialization control visible again (but it's still not
> connected to anything)
>      Mixer: Add some stuff to the menubar.
>      Mixer: Implement Project/Open menu option.
>      Mixer: Add stuff to Options/ menu. Save and load options.
>      Mixer: Apply appropriate change required by 66daa1.
>      Split About Dialog off into FL/
>      Fix the new project dialog.
>      Mixer: Make sure process queue is rebuilt upon binding of controls.
>      Mixer: Add Help/Manual option to menubar.
>      Mixer: Make insert-before work for meter indicator module.
>      Mixer: Cleanup.
>      Mixer: Allow the WM to kill the mixer window.
>      Mixer: Attempt to improve the behavior of single-row display mode.
>      Prevent Timeline and Mixer from attempting to open each other's
> project formats.
>      Mixer: Add context menu to mixer strips.
>      Fl_Packscroller: Let children have a go at events...
>      FL/menu_popup: Call menu's callback if menu item lacks one.
>      Mixer: Add context menus for modules.
>      Mixer: Clean up event handling.
>      Mixer: Respond appropriately to JACK buffer size callback.
>      Attempt to cope with failure to create JACK clients and ports.
>      Add documentation for mixer and restructure supporting tree.
>      Mixer: Add color chooser to mixer strip context menu.
>      Add section on control voltages to mixer doc.
>      Centralize color schemes.
>      Mixer: Middle click toggles module activation state.
>      Mixer: Add click-to-focus for mixer strips.
>      Mixer: Fix restrip rename menu option.
>      Update mixer documentation.
>      Enforce JACK client name length restrictions.
>      Mixer: Separate out public project commands.
>      Mixer: Don't allow any strips to be created without an open projcet.
>      Make logo used in About_Dialog an option.
>      Makefile: Remove some noise from dependency generation output
>      Fix syntax error in TLE.fl
>      Mixer: Implement cut/copy/paste for modules.
>      Mixer: Improve keyboard focus.
>      Mixer: Add more keybindings to modules.
>      Mixer: Use a toggle in module context menu for bypass instead of
> separate activate/deactivate items.
>      Update mixer documentation.
>      Mixer: Make chains look better in the Light scheme.
>      Fl_Flowpack: Flow mode should default to on!
>      Mixer: tweak the size of GUI elements.
>      Mixer: Don't show mixer strip label.
>      Mixer: Show project name on menubar.
>      Mixer: Set X class of main window.
>      Mixer: Warn if user attempts to quit without saving.
>      Mixer: Don't show label for Meter module...
>      Mixer: Fix "Help" menu item.
>      Update mixer screenshots.
>      Mixer: Support specifying an instance name on the command line
> (--instance)
>      Prefix main window titles with "Non DAW : "
>      Mixer: Clean up some compiler warnings.
>      Massively reoganize tree.
>      Timeline: Hide seek blinker, which may not be particularly useful.
>      Mixer: Don't show module context menu for Meter_Indicator_Module.
>      Fl_Packscroller: Don't eat unwanted FL_PUSH events.
>      Bump version.
>      Tweak build system.
>      New logo for Non-DAW.
>      Improve logo for Non-Mixer.
>      FL: Make About_Dialog more dynamic.
>      Last minute documentation updates.
> Peter Nelson (1):
>      Don't silence input ports.
> --
> Feb 01 2010,
> Jonathan Moore Liles
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