[LAD] [LAU] VocProc - vocal processing app

Adrian Knoth adi at drcomp.erfurt.thur.de
Thu Feb 4 16:12:42 UTC 2010

On Mon, Feb 01, 2010 at 12:04:17AM +0100, Igor Brkic wrote:


> It is basically the same thing as fons' jretune or Tom's autotalent. I

Thanks for mentioning jretune. I haven't noticed this, but just asked
Fons for a copy.

Autotalent is completely unusable, the artefacts are just too obvious.
If you like, check out


The "corrected" version ruins your whole production. ;)

I tried VocProc, it's less critical, but it's a little hard to find
suitable settings for threshold and attack.

> it. I have not tried any of the above for now, so I cannot say
> anything about sound quality differences.

What I hear for now: It's better than autotalent, but I'm waiting for
jretune to test. The idea of selecting the correct notes via toggle
buttons as done in jretune is good, it's the same as in autotune.

Like all stand-alone jack tools, it's usability hell. Starting and
wiring a tool sucks, the settings aren't saved in the session and so on.
This should clearly be a LV2 plugin. (the whole issue becomes obvious
when you think of mixing twelve vocal tracks)

VocProc also connects to physical ins/out at startup. This is annoying.
It's a typical post-production tool, so given that I'm already annoyed
by manually wiring it as an Insert inside ardour, I'll first have to
remove VocProc's physical IO to get the routing right. It doesn't make
sense at all to connect anything at startup.

Next: VocProc changes the volume. At Gain=0, it's off, which is weird. A
0dB gain means "no additional boost", but not off. Ok, so I tried
Gain=1, which makes the output louder than the input.

This isn't crucial, but it's not common. I don't want to alter a track's
volume just because I added pitch correction.

So plenty of room for improvements. ;)


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