[LAD] Has anyone ever played a plugin in realtime ... [related to:] hard realtime performance synth

Emanuel Rumpf xbran at web.de
Thu Feb 4 17:50:28 UTC 2010

Has anyone ever played a plugin in realtime ( live )...

...and I don't mean a one-finger melody, but a mutli-polyphonic piano piece,
eventually with sustain held down, which resulted in about 20 to 40
simultaneusly processed voices.

I just realized, that I've never been able to do that. Neither almost.
But on my digital piano, I can to it.
That thing is some years old and definitely doesn't have 2 x 2 GHz
processors available.

The answer so far has been: That system is more dedicated, thus it
can, while my PC cannot.

The conclusion:
I'm working with a wrong system !  -  It doesn't allow me to work the
way I intend.

Damn. What did I buy this system for ? I don't need those 2 x 2GHz for
word processing - right ??

This makes me wonder:

Which one is the system for my requirements ?
Which one is able to make some softsynths / samplers
process 30 voices in less than 9 milliseconds ?

Could my system be extended or modified in order to suit ?

How then ?

We have dedicated hardware for graphics, why not for audio ?



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