[LAD] Has anyone ever played a plugin in realtime ... [related to:] hard realtime performance synth

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Sat Feb 6 20:49:44 UTC 2010

   No DMA? That does seem bad! Direct Memory Access is VERY helpful and has 
been there for years - not to say decades. It's also supported by the Linux 
kernel since version 2.0.X something. If not enabled this can take up 
considereable amount of CPU time. So no wonder. Your system MUST be capabel of 
playing a nice piano (2-3GB) with LinuxSample with lower latencies. But how 
about your soundcard? Is it good, do you know, what they say about its own 
hardware latency?
   Always remember it's possible to play realtime on a 700mHz CPU, if you shut 
down the graphic. polyphony and sustain. Probably a few drop-outs there. But 
700mHz are far from your new dual core!
   Kindest regards

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