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Wed Feb 10 20:57:21 UTC 2010

On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 10:32:48AM -0800, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano wrote:

> On Thu, 2010-02-04 at 20:30 +0100, Emanuel Rumpf wrote:

> > 2010/2/4 Arnold Krille <arnold at arnoldarts.de>:

> > > On Thursday 04 February 2010 18:50:28 Emanuel Rumpf wrote:
> > >> Has anyone ever played a plugin in realtime ( live )...
> > >> ...and I don't mean a one-finger melody, but a mutli-polyphonic piano
> > >>  piece, eventually with sustain held down, which resulted in about 20 to 40
> > >>  simultaneusly processed voices.
> Yes.

Yes again.
> I've been working for a while in a piece for real-time synthesis /
> sample playback and a piano controller (and pedals, etc, etc). I
> normally play with my laptop, a dual core lenovo t61 running the latest
> rt patched kernel and: linuxsampler at 96 voices max (4 different piano
> samples), two instances of the supercollider synthesis engine doing
> synthesis and spatialization, a program in supercollider controlling the
> whole thing (including the GUI feedback screen for the performer),
> jconvolver for convolution reverb and ambdec for ambisonics decoding.
> All with a PCMCIA RME card and a Multiface running at 128x2 48KHz. 
> It can glitch but if it does it is because it has actually run out of
> cpu (and I have had a couple of instances in rehearsal where I'm playing
> textures so thick that the supercollider scheduling queue has filled up
> with not so good results, argh :-)
> All in all quite reliable (I played an earlier version of the piece in
> last year's LAC). 

Indeed. Live, third order AMB surround, and having heard
the recording a hundred times I haven't noticed any problem
with it (except for those cats running on the keyboard).

I'm using Linuxsampler, piano samples, playing anything
between Bach and Ligeti. Add jconvolver doing real time
convolution with a concert hall IR. Typical CPU use for
this is below 20% on a seven year old P4 with just 512M
ram. Standard unpatched kernel, 5 ms latency. Never heard
a glitch.



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