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alex stone compose59 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 14 21:32:17 UTC 2010

On Sun, Feb 14, 2010 at 11:24 PM, nescivi <nescivi at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sunday 14 February 2010 03:51:06 Ray Rashif wrote:
>> On 14 February 2010 00:52, nescivi <nescivi at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > Hiho,
>> >
>> > On Thursday 11 February 2010 11:54:50 Ralf Mardorf wrote:
>> >> Forwind info wrote:
>> >> > Ralf, simply turn off autospawn for pulse if it bothers you that much.
>> >> >
>> >> >  /etc/pulse/client.conf
>> >> >
>> >> > the line that looks like
>> >> > ; autospawn=yes
>> >> >
>> >> > change it to
>> >> > autospawn = no
>> >> >
>> >> > This will turn off pulseaudio so as the next time you start up, pulse
>> >> > will not run and you will need to start it manually from command line
>> >> > if you want to use it.
>> >> >
>> >> > IMHO pulse is coming along nicely. There are tweaks to improve its
>> >> > performance ...
>> >
>> > I guess the point is that whoever gets/takes this job, will gain a lot of
>> > respect from the professional audio community (like LAD), using apps with
>> > JACK for their audio work, but also listening to audio online and through
>> > consumer apps from time to time, would be really happy if all this works
>> > "out-of-the- box" on Ubuntu, or if there is a simple way to configure it
>> > to do so, without having to dig into the conf files by themselves.
>> >
>> > Our hope is of course to make it as easy as possible to have people
>> > already using their free software for desktop use, also step over and use
>> > their desktops not just for listening to music, but also for making
>> > music. Giving everyone the freedom to express themselves!
>> I think this position has less to do with "professional" audio and
>> more to do with desktop/mainstream/consumer audio, i.e to ensure
>> proper planning with the audio and multimedia subsystem of the Ubuntu
>> operating system according to tried and tested "standards" with
>> regards to sound and the Linux kernel + userland tools/programs.
> Yes, I know, but the easier it gets to move from consumer desktop experience,
> to making music, the better right?
> We don't want to make making music an arcane knowledge that is only accessible
> to the privileged few.
> This is about getting people from being consumers, to being creative producers
> of their own music. Regain the grounds that were lost with the introduction of
> radio, which stopped the necessity for everyone to be somewhat of a musician
> in order to listen to music.
> Freedom not just in speech, but also in song!
> Sincerely,
> Marije
>> But of course, there can be good byproducts if the person hired is equally
>> good.
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Always worthy sentiments, and the more power users have to express
themselves musically, the better for all, as the word gets around, and
linux audio devs start getting a wider recognition for their work.

I will add here, that just maybe it's time to reconsider the tight
grip on the JACK API, and think about expanding it to a wider role in
modern computer based music making. We've already had a large
discussion about tempo mapping, etc, but additional components like
video, and a strengthening of the jackmidi base can only further those
user based options and give devs more meat to work with. For all the
discussion about keeping the core api "pure", there seems to be an
equal number of discussions from devs who would like to see a greater
degree of functionality, but are stifled by the currently
enforced......taboo regarding anything to do with the API.

JACK is a great tool, but it runs the risk of becoming "old" quickly,
and less attractive for devs in the future, if the progress is seen to
have stalled, or is being forcibly stifled to maintain some perception
of a narrow status quo. Personally, i'd hate to see that happen.

Just my view, and no doubt there will be those who fervently disagree,
but outside of the politics, and what seems the inevitable flamewars,
i wonder if we're missing a large opportunity to take linux audio into
state of the art territory.



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