[LAD] Trying to understand Jack Midi, (Arpage, Dino)

james morris james at jwm-art.net
Mon Feb 15 17:07:49 UTC 2010

On 15/2/2010, "fons at kokkinizita.net" <fons at kokkinizita.net> wrote:

>On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 04:18:03PM +0000, james morris wrote:
>> 1) Is there any way to improve Jack Midi timing when the audio driver has
>> a high latency?
>I don't think so. If you set the audio period size to
>e.g. 4096, jack will call clients only every 85ms, and
>midi gets delayed as well.
>> 2) What is the reason the Alsa driver/Jack would not start when the
>> settings give a big 170ms+ latency?
>Probably because your soundcard doesn't have
>such large buffers. Which is sort of reasonable.
>> BTW, I'm doing this stuff so I can program with Jack Midi.
>Nice, but why do you want such high latency ??

I don't, it was just for testing out the hypothesis I thought would
explain why I was getting bad timing. I have just been testing it again,
and I actually think the problem was in Yoshimi.

Sorry for making Jack Midi sound bad :|

Running dino and yoshimi (both jack midi apps) the timing was bad even
with decent low latency (and then yoshimi zombified) but using phasex -
not a jack midi app (is it?) - (still with dino) the timing was near

And thanks Paul for your answers too.


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